When will we have intellectual honesty? – DATUK SERI DR S.SUBRAMANIAM

The “so-called” mistakes in the Lecture slides of UTM have once again triggered a serious concern on the level of knowledge and depth of understanding of the various cultures and religions in Malaysia. This current case reflects that this desire to be ignorant had permeated to the dons of the ivory tower. The supposed pedestal of knowledge has become a pool of ignorance. We have seen this in schools before and now we realize it is also evident in universities. There has been a recent trend to distort facts to fit into the disordered and disturbed perception of individuals. Such individuals have led to the release of educational contents where facts have been dangerously mutilated by their disordered perception. Distorted historical facts are in school text books, in examination questions and now in university slides.

When will we have intellectual honesty? There has to be a sincere desire by those within the educational system to the historically and factually true. Attempts to compare cultures and religions are always dangerous. It is dangerous even in the most liberated intellectual environment, what more in a multicultural and multi religious Malaysia? Any attempt to do so has to be treated with careful steps. Unless there is a soul searching attempt by those in positions of responsibility to identify the root cause of such a trend, and address it, we might have to live in an environment where such distortions will continue to occur and will become a norm. I pray that a day will dawn where such things will become something of the past.

As a matter of fact, all Hindu Scriptures including the Vedas (1500 BC) have stated the need to arise at the dawn of light, *BATH*, pray and continue with the duties of the day.

This is just a bit of enlightenment……

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