Thank You Minister of Home Affairs and IGP – Dato Seri Dr S.Subramaniam

On behalf of all Malaysians who protested against the visit of Prof Zakir Naik and his organised programmes i would like to thank the Minister of Home Affairs and the IGP , for having listened to the voice of concerned Malaysians and cancelling his programme which had great concerns amongst the Hindus.

We have been promoting racial and religious unity in Malaysia and till date ,despite some episodic challenges we have managed to preserve the fabric of the Malaysian nation that we love.

In line with that, we have to be vigilant against those ,who are bent on promoting discord and religious tension in our country.

Needless to say ,that will be an effrontery to all that we have stood for,and put our nation on the dangerous path of religious turbulence.

The established agenda of the likes of Zakir Naik have been foreign and should remain foreign to the Malaysian agenda.
Bersatu Teguh Bercerai Roboh

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