Re-consider in Indian Visa fee revision



From the desk of
Dato’ Sivarraajh Chandran
MIC Youth Chief

April 03, 2017


Re-consider in Indian Visa fee revision

MIC Youth would like to urge the Indian government to re-consider in increasing the latest visa fee revision.

The visa fee changes will damper our Malaysian people to travel to India.

Most of our Malaysians do travel to India frequently in the basis of tourism, pilgrimage and business engagements.

As such, the huge increase will certainly be a setback for the Indians.

Since we had our strong bilateral ties reinforced with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak visiting India last Friday officially, in a goodwill perspective, we hope the Indian government will consider to halt the fee revision.

Last week, the fee revision was viralled in social media received brickbats from various quarters.

The public also should understand that fee revision is done by the Indian government.

There is nothing to do with the Malaysian government whereby unscrupulous quarters are putting the blame on our government.

The fee revenue goes to Indian government and it should be understood clearly.

Its our dissatisfaction that we would like the Indian High Commission to take note and resolve the matter for the benefit of everyone.

MIC Youth fervently hope due consideration will be taken on the visa fee matter.


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