Press Statement By YB Senator Dato' Jaspal Singh Treasurer General, Malaysian Indian Congress

News Date: 
18 May 2013

MIC Is Not The Only Party To Have Postponed Party Election


Kuala Lumpur 18th May : MIC is not the only party to have postponedparty elections “ said Dato’ Jaspal Singh Treasury General and Member of the Central Working CommitteeI don’t understand why so much discussion and press statement is being made as if MIC is the only party to have postponed the party election, which was due last year. As a matter of fact, the postponement of party election was first announced by UMNO on 30th Nov 2010. MCA too made an announcement after its EGM on March 14 2011 to postpone the party election. 


MIC being the 3rdlargest component member of the Barisan National thereafter discussed Party elections during the Central Working Committee Meeting and the Central Working Committee took the decision the postpone the party elections to a date after 13th General election.


There is no question about MIC is going to be de-registered. We are a fully democratic party that pays attention to regulations  and take compliance very seriously. MIC successfully conducted its 2012 AGM on 9th Dec 2012. The AGM report and accounts was fully adopted by the assembly.


The 13th General Election was just concluded 2 weeks ago while the New Cabinet Members was only announced 3 days ago. We cannot rush into party election within days after GE13.  MIC must first finalize the electoral list that is recognized and legitimate. This is done through a democratic process where branch leaders and branch delegates is elected by its branch members. Thereafter election for all other position can take place. There is a process that needs to be followed with enough time for notices and compliance.  


We have just finished a very challenging election. MIC could haveperform better but nevertheless our performance is commendable if compared to other component parties. Not only we have to retained 4 parliament seats, Indian votes were crucial for BN to win back or retain a number of Parliament seats in Peninsular Malaysia. Malaysian Indian must learn to unite and become one strong voice. By GE14th Indian voters in the country will surpass the 1,000,000 mark possibly reaching 1,120,000. Through unity we can strengthen our political presence in thegovernment, which eventually will benefit all. Sarawak and Sabah are big winners this round and the main reason is because of the ability to deliver the votes as one big block.


Going forward, MIC party election will be completed in due course. What more important for the Indian community in this country is the deliverables MIC can produce working together with the Government to ensure promises in the Manifesto is kept and Indian community In Malaysia is in the mainstream of development.


Senator Dato’ Jaspal Singh

Treasury General , MIC