MIC Condemns Temple Idols Desecration and Damage – Dato VS Mohan

The MIC condemns the Ipoh Sri Munishwarar Temple Idols desecration and damage vehemently.Even though it is the conduct of a single person,it can be provocative and inflammatory in a multi religious country like ours .
It can be a threat to the peace and harmony which we have enjoyed so far.

Stringent police investigation is in in order to enable appropriate action to be taken against the individual concerned. We hope that the fact he has been sent to Hosp. Bahagia Tanjong Rambutan will not prevent the authorities from investigating the case thoroughly and in taking all appropriate actions that need to be taken.

It has to be noted that despite his mental impairment ,the subject in question targeted a hindu temple specifically.

We request the police to consider this a serious incident and take appropriate punitive and preventive actions

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