MIC 70th Year: Standing Firmly In Malaysia’s Political Arena Since 1946

KUALA LUMPUR: Despite facing all sorts of events and challenges throughout the 70 years of its inception, MIC still stands firmly in the country’s political arena.

MIC, which will celebrate its 70th anniversary on Saturday, has experienced several successes and history since it was established on August 6, 1946.

Leaders, of the oldest party after UMNO, have pledged to continue striving to regain the glory days of MIC and once again receive the support and confidence of the Indian community in the country to remain relevant.

Its vice president Datuk T.Mohan said the party was gradually regaining the support of the Indian community due to a change in MIC’s top leadership after facing an internal crisis for two years.

“The people are starting to realise and returning to MIC. Many activities and plans have been conceived by MIC president Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam for the Indian community. All members of the party’s leadership are going to the ground to be closer to them through various activities,” he told Bernama.

The MIC youth chief said the party was also trying to bring in more graduates with a view to modernise MIC and produce more educated leaders in the future.

At the same time, he also urged the Indian community not to forget all the hard work and efforts made by the MIC since its inception, among others, obtaining citizenship for Indians in the country.

For MIC vice president Datuk S. A. Vigneswaran, he said various efforts had been made by the party to develop the Indians in the country, such as setting up the Institute of Educational Development (IED) that had helped 10,691 Indian students by providing educational loans worth RM127 million since 1984.

He said MIC also produced more than 70,000 graduates through TAFE colleges that were established in 1988 to provide high quality technical and professional education to Malaysians.

Recalling the formation of MIC at the Pan-Malayan Indian Community Conference in 1946, which was attended by representatives of various social organisations at the Chettiyar Hall, Jalan Ipoh, Vigneswaran said the party’s journey was full of various challenges and not an easy one. MIC subsequently joined the alliance with UMNO and MCA in 1955,

The Dewan Negara president also stressed that no other political party apart from MIC that was willing to fight to the bitter end for the Indian community in the country.

MIC Women chief Mohana Muniandy said the party was now more aggressive in helping the womenfolk with the tagline ‘Maatram’ which meant change to enable Indian women to be more progressive and transformed, especially in terms of their mentality.

She said MIC has also set up the Young Women Professional Bureau to gain the support of young women graduates.

“In these 70 years, MIC has produced thousands of graduates, ensuring Tamil schools remain in existence, upgrade the lives of Indian women, particularly single mothers in the country,” she said.

Mohana, who has been with MIC for 21 years since 1995, said the party’s women wing, which has 140 division chiefs and 5,000 party branch chiefs and deputy chiefs, was ready to cooperate with women’s wings from other political parties to continue supporting the causes of Indian women.

MIC will celebrate its 70th anniversary at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS), Serdang on Saturday and various activities are planned throughout August to further enliven the celebration.


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