Justice Has Been Served – Dato Seri S.K.Devamany


We at MIC have been united in our purpose here, and in solidarity we received good news this evening that justice has been served in our favour with the court striking out A.K. Ramalingam’s suit against our President Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam and six others, that there is no locus standi from him to seek any relieve as an aggrieved member. It is indeed a good day for MIC.

Additionally, with regards to recent smear allegations of MIC being called a “Criminal” party, as Deputy President of MIC, as well as a representative of our community, I am compelled to express my disapproval to these serious allegations and discredit thrown towards leaders who work diligently for the Indian community.

MIC is a party which has political representation for the Indian community, be it at national, state or divisional levels, where systems have been developed and are functioning well for us to uphold the rights and development agenda of our community. Being a party which has championed the plight of the Indian community for many decades, our reach out is at it’s peak now with MIC having a powerful connection with our community. Therefore, it is a terrible travesty to call MIC a criminal party, when there are leaders who are still working very hard to serve and improve the quality of life of our community.

As part of the population which makes up this beautiful nation, our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, has actively and progressively given additional assistance to our community in these last 5 years. BN, through MIC, has provided the Indian community with better and improved opportunities for growth and sustenance. This is evident in the higher standards of living and the onset of many more professionals in our community in recent years.
Among the highlights of PM’s efforts are as follows:
• Disbursement of RM730m towards development and expansion of Tamil schools nationwide

• Increasing access to higher education for students in our community, namely allocating 1,500 seats in Government Matriculation colleges, as well as making education funding more accessible

• Launching and supporting skills training initiatives for youths in our community to increase their employability, including formulating a programme to train and place 1,000 school dropouts, as well as allocating RM46.3m for youths in 2014

• Establishing initiatives like SEED, TEKUN and Amanah Ikhtiar among others, to assist our entrepreneurs, develop businesses and increase equity ownership

• Partnering Indian community NGOs for community based activities in the fields of education, culture, sports and economic activity. This includes the establishment of SEDIC to uplift the socio-economic status of our community, particularly that of B40 category.

These are just a few of the measures taken by our PM to ensure our community’s progress is in line with Government and Economic Transformation Programmes, promising a better future for the Indian community.

Similarly, our MIC President, Datuk Seri Dr Subramaniam, has been very resolute in his goals and aspirations for our community, working hard since being entrusted with the party leadership from November 2015. Under the guidance of Datuk Seri Dr Subramaniam, MIC currently has a Cabinet Minister, 3 Deputy Ministers, and a Dewan Negara President from the Indian community, to name a few top leaders. By the same token, the President, Deputy President, Vice-presidents and CWC members stand united in the Vision and Mission of MIC.

Since November 2015, President’s 11-Agenda has been formulated and enforced to develop, empower and improve our community. To date everything has been running according to plan and smoothly.

Among the MIC programmes in place are as follows:
• Grassroot Programme – a micro approach programme, which has connected the top leadership of MIC to almost 45,000 people so far, with a further 35,000 targeted to be met. It is a programme which literally goes to the bottom line of MIC to further strengthen the party from its roots

• MIC Service Center – based at HQ and established in most states already, these centers attend to an average of 40 to 50 cases on a daily basis, with people walking in seeking help. We have counsellors to personally handle and manage each issue. Our Service Centers have been very effective thus far, for that section of our community members who have no idea on how to seek help and from who

• Information Team – a newly assembled team of dedicated MIC leaders who work diligently to enlighten our party leaders on how to be current and proactive. The Information Team has so far conducted a Social Media Workshop, a Political Speakers Course and is currently on their Jelajah Penerangan nationwide tour to explain their team’s objectives and inculcate a new mindset in MIC leaders.

• Ponggal programme – Our MIC President personally toured nationwide to connect to our community and establish that he is a leader who is available for his people.

• NGO leaders meet up session – With the “Single voice, Common goal” theme, President and his team of leaders had meetings with all NGO leaders and met almost 20,000 people.

• Our Wings too had many programmes lined up. MIC Wanita organised Maatram for ladies. MIC Youth had Empower and Ops Mantap programmes for youths. Putra had their “Ola Campus” programme for university students, while Puteri had “Mangayarin Mana Alaigal” for university students.

There were many smaller programmes like the MIC Majlis Buka Puasa, Engagements with Tamil writers, and a variety of programmes occurring on a daily basis. Additionally, our President makes it a point to meet the needy to hand out financial aid on a monthly basis.

We have been relentless in our efforts to engage with our people and gain their trust, confidence and cooperation. We put aside personal differences, and carry on our work for our community because that’s where our resources should be channelled – to our community! With this in mind, I appeal to those who try to tarnish and compromise MIC’s reputation to not drag our community backwards for personal differences and grievances. We have to look at the deep-rooted and continual effect our actions have over our future generation. We have to remain on our path and continue our good work, as our community must always prevail. As a political party, MIC’s bargaining power for the Indian community is dependent on our strength in PRU-14. For now, that must be our paramount focus!


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