Dr.Zakir Naik may provoke unnecessary racial sentiments unknowingly – Datuk T.Mohan

The rakyat of Malaysia needs to remain united and practice a moderate path religious practice to ensure that racial harmony remains strong and not threatened by irresponsible elements. Dr.Zakir Naik maybe a scholar and well versed person in Islam but his ideologies does not fit the yardstick of well being and prosperity of this country’s pluralistic society.

One good example that I can provide is Bukit Rotan in Selangor where a Mosque, Temple and other religious shrines are situated side by side. There has been no issue so far, and this is due to the religious tolerance everyone of us adapt here in our country. Bukit Rotan reflects Malaysia in general.

If one were to just Google up on Dr.Zakir Naik and listen to his preaching on YouTube, one would realise and notice that he not only promotes Islam, but belittles other religions at the same time. He uses his deep knowledge and oratory skills in counter arguing questions put forward to him in regards to other religions. His preachings, I feel, will only be suitable in India, where he recides.

Malaysia is different. Our forefathers has agreed to live in solidly protected racial harmony where everyone is free to practice and profess their respective religion. In fact, this is what the Holy Quran says too. The Quran provides an environment where people can fully enjoy freedom of thought and freedom of religion and allows people to live by the faith and values they believe in.

According to Islam everyone has the right to live freely by their beliefs, whatever they maybe. The Prophet Muhammad,may peace be upon him, also reminded the believer to never belittle other people’s belief so as to prevent others from belittling the Islamic faith in return. I’m afraid that Dr.Zakir Naik may provoke unnecessary racial sentiments unknowingly because he doesn’t fully understand the sensitivities of this great and peaceful country that is Malaysia. Countries like United Kingdom and Canada would not have banned him if he was not provocative in his speeches or preachings.

Our country is multireligious, multicultural and multiracialwhich has always been a source of reference and a model of a pluralistic society to the world. We have many talented and knowledgeable preachers and orators locally who can deliver Islamic teachings to our people. They understand the sentiments here better than anyone especially Dr.Zakir Naik. With that, I thank the PDRM in taking necessary steps in preserving harmony and not letting any racial sentiments from escalating further. I also urge the people of Malaysia, regardless of race and religion not to make this issue any bigger. We shall now look forward towards the betterment of our society and culture, together as Malaysians.

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